Construction Labourer

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Construction Labourer

A construction labourer, also known as a construction worker, carries out physical tasks at construction sites. These tasks include preparing sites by cleaning them, handling materials either by loading or unloading, and eliminating potential hazards. They might also operate certain equipment, and assemble and disassemble temporary structures like scaffolding. Their contribution is crucial in highway construction, building construction, and environmental remediation.


  • Operation and maintenance of construction equipment and machinery.
  • Provide assistance to equipment operators, carpenters, and other skilled labourers when required.
  • Prepare construction sites by clearing obstacles and potential hazards.
  • Responsible for handling construction materials, either loading or unloading them.
  • Tasked with the assembly and disassembly of temporary structures, such as scaffolding.
  • Earthmoving tasks, such as removal, filling, or compacting, are also part of their job.
  • Follow instructions from their supervisors and accurately
  • Provide assistance to craft workers.
  • Always open to learning through on-the-job training when necessary.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the site by performing site clean-up duties

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