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Roof Inspections

We provide thorough and professional roof inspections. Our comprehensive roof inspection services to identify any issues or potential problems, allowing you to address them proactively. We ensure the longevity and safety of your roof.
Harry Fowdar
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Called this company back in February with torrential rains and water was getting in, they arrived same day and put a temporary cover on ,provided us with a quote and had our new slate roof completed within 2 weeks.
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Affordable Roof Inspections & Roofing Services in Surrey With a Fully Guaranteed Service.

We’re committed to providing reliable, thorough, and professional roofing services to our Surrey community. With our expertise, we’ll advise on the best course of action to repair or prevent any further damage.

As a local business, we’re knowledgeable about the area’s weather conditions and building codes, allowing us to tailor our services to your specific needs. If you want dependable, in-depth, and skilled help, choose us.

Gallery Of Completed Roof Inspection Projects

Dive into our roofing gallery to see our team in action, delivering remarkable roof inspections that stand the test of time.

Damage Assessment and Maintenance in Roof Inspections

When we’re talking about roof inspections, damage assessment and maintenance are two pivotal aspects that we can’t ignore.

We’re experts in this field, and we’re here to share some insights on the process. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure nothing slips under our radar.

The goal here is to catch and address any issues before they escalate into costly repairs.

Maintenance, on the other hand, is all about taking proactive steps to preserve the lifespan of your roof.

We don’t just wait for problems to appear, we actively work to prevent them. This includes:

  • Regular cleaning to remove debris, which can cause damage over time
  • Checking and replacing seals and flashing as needed to prevent leaks
  • Inspecting for signs of pest activity, as pests can seriously damage a roof
  • Replacing worn or damaged shingles to ensure consistent protection

By prioritizing damage assessment and maintenance, we can help ensure your roof remains in top condition for years to come. It’s a careful balance of proactive and reactive measures, and we’re here to guide you through it every step of the way.

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Why Conduct Roof Inspections?

Roof inspections are an essential part of maintaining your home or commercial property. It’s not just about keeping up appearances – regular inspections can help prevent major damage and costly repairs in the long run. At Astral Roofing and Building Ltd, we’re firm believers in the importance of this practice.

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Protecting Your Investment

We’ve seen first hand how a routine roof inspection can save our clients a great deal of stress and money. It’s an opportunity for us to spot minor issues before they escalate into major problems.

We’re talking about potential leaks, weather damage, or even structural issues that could compromise the integrity of your property.

Plus, it gives us the chance to ensure that your roof is energy efficient, helping you save on those heating and cooling bills. So, don’t underestimate the value of regular roof check-ups.

With our quality craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, we’ll make sure your roof stays in top-notch condition. Our comprehensive inspection process includes:

  • A thorough visual assessment to identify any visible damage or potential issues
  • Checking for signs of water damage or leaks
  • Inspecting the condition of roof shingles or tiles
  • Examining the flashing around chimneys, vents, and other roof protrusions
  • Assessing the state of your gutter system and downspouts

In entrusting your roof to us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a trusted partner committed to maintaining your roof’s longevity and performance.

With Astral Roofing and Building Ltd, you can rest easy knowing your roof is in expert hands.

Our Roof Inspection Services:

Typical roof inspection process

Tell us what you need and we’ll send you a custom quotation!


First, we'll start by thorough inspection of involves getting onto the roof and checking the condition of the roofing material, whether it's shingles, tiles, or metal. Look for cracks, splits, loose material, or any signs of wear and tear.


Next, depending on the type of roof, you may need specific tools for the inspection. These could include a roofing knife, chalk line, and tape measure. Prior to start the inspection process, ensure the use of necessary safety gear such as safety harnesses, helmets, and non-slip footwear.


Based on the inspection, decide whether the roof needs minor repairs or a complete replacement. We'll start the installation process by removing the old roofing material, installing a new underlayment, and then adding the new roofing material. Once the installation is complete, we'll carry out a final inspection.

3 Things You Need To Know Before you Hire A Roofer

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Surrey, England

Surrey, divided by the chalk ridge of the North Downs, is a county in England with a population of approximately 1.1 million people. It has a maritime climate, with temperatures ranging from 37.8°C to -15.1°C, and is the most wooded county in England with 22.4% woodland coverage. Significant towns include Woking, Guildford, and Walton-on-Thames. The county’s history dates back to being occupied by the Atrebates tribe before Roman times and later settled by Saxons in the 5th and 6th centuries. Despite its agricultural wealth being limited due to soil infertility, Surrey saw the expansion of the iron industry in the Weald and the emergence of new industries in the Tillingbourne Valley in the mid-17th century. It also contains notable beauty spots like Box Hill, Leith Hill, and Frensham Ponds.


With our services, you’ll not only get a roof that’s built to last but also one that fits comfortably within your budget.

In our roof inspections, we’re looking at the overall condition of your roof. We’ll check for any signs of damage or wear, including leaks, missing or damaged shingles, and issues with your gutter system. We’ll also assess the structural integrity of your roof.

We generally recommend having your roof inspected at least once a year. However, if you’ve recently experienced severe weather or if your roof is older, you might want to have it inspected more frequently.

If we encounter any issues during the roof inspection, we’ll document them and discuss the findings with you. We’ll provide you with a detailed report and suggest the necessary repairs or replacements. We won’t proceed with any work without your approval.

The length of a roof inspection can vary depending on the size and condition of your roof. However, most inspections take about an hour or two. We’ll give you a more accurate estimate once we’ve seen your property.

The cost of a roof inspection can vary depending on the size of your roof and the complexity of the inspection. We strive to keep our prices competitive and will provide you with a detailed quote before we start the inspection.

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